The best cars from Concours of Elegance 2017

The event is very simple: around 60 of the world’s finest cars assemble in front of the backdrop of the royal gardens of the Hampton Court. 

Not only that but visitors to the event also get the extra bonus of being able to explore the grounds of Hampton Court in between getting up close with the stunning array of cars. What makes the Concours of Elegance unique, is that the winner isn’t selected by a panel of judges but by the Owners of the cars themselves. Each owner who has entered a vehicle is asked to vote on the other models on display to decide which car is considered to be the ‘Best of Show’.

0-62mph takes 2.9sec in this multi-million-pound hyper convertible.

Once we’d have our tickets checked and gone through right to the back of the royal palace, we were greeted by a row of extremely rare Jaguar D-Types that acted as a precursor for the extremely rare cars to come. The cars weren’t organised by brand, era or anything like that (except the two very long rows one made of  Aston Martins and the other of Jaguars) so straight away, we decided to head to see a car that had widely touted in the build-up to the event- The Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta (the final model to roll off the production line sold for $10 million)






This led us to come up with our own route for seeing the cars, which was starting with the most modern and working our way backwards. So with high-performance hybrids in mind, we hunted around to see if we could find anything else that was cut from a similar cloth. And we did. A wonderful Jaguar C-X75, although technically only a prototype (the decision was taken in 2012 that as a result of the global economic climate the C-X75 would not enter full production) the hypercar, designed with help from the Williams F1 team, was an example of what this once world-beating brand can demonstrate in the modern age.


The DB5, first driven by James Bond in the super-popular film Goldfinger. The film’s success and real launching of the Bond franchise inevitably tied the car to its fictional driver.

We decided to evolve our theme a tad and stick to British motors. Given how well dressed everyone was and the opulence of the event, our minds wandered to James Bond, so went on the hunt for some famous Aston Martins from the film franchise. On route to finding the iconic Aston Martin DB5 pictured below, we came across a 1933 Aston Martin Le Mans (short chassis) and a rare 1962 Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato. 







McLaren’s F1 GTR famously took victory at Le Man in 1995.

Once we sipped on some bubbly and taken a while to appreciate the live band performing jazz renditions of pop songs, we took a peek at the more prestige British brand, namely McLaren. The Woking outfit brought two of their finest cars. A P1 GTR, a circuit-only  986bhp that is the most hardcore interpretation of their hypercar, as well as its legendary relative – a classic McLaren F1 GTR in a Harrods livery. A suitable choice given the event wouldn’t you agree?





That’s a wrap, folks! Thank you very much to Breguet for inviting us to the wonderful event and enjoy the rest of your weekend. To see more images from our time there, check out our Instagram




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