Review: Dinner at Sketch

You know you’re going somewhere special when the dress code is specified as ‘Art Smart’. 

After scrolling through all the Instagram posts and reading online articles reviewing Sketch that describe it as ‘the most absurd restaurant in the UK’ and ‘the wackiest place to eat and drink in London’, we decided to see what makes this two star Michelin restaurant so chic.

Our jaws immediately hit the floor when we walked into The Glade, with the dimly lit forest bar was peppered with an assortment of kaleidoscopic cocktails on all the tables that made us think we’d walked into a fairytale. We arrived slightly early for our reservation so our waiter suggested we head to the other bar, the East Bar, for some pre-dinner drinks. Walking through into the bar, we caught a glimpse of the famous, unisex ‘egg’ toilets.

One of two stairways leading up to the toilets.

Just as soon as we’d started sipping on a beautifully presented Bourbon and white wine and taking in the quirkiness of where we were, we were shown to our table, which was right in front of some of David Shrigley’s humorous works that adorned the walls of the pink gallery. We were handed menus and immediately fawned over the options. We had a two-course meal, so we decided to ignore the starters because we checked out the desserts beforehand and thought they’d be more exciting to try, so we leaped right in with the main course.

We ended up choosing the pan fried sirloin of Angus Beef sketch filet de boeuf tartare summer 2017. (On the left and right respectively of the featured image) and it looked as good as it tasted. Admittedly, the portions we were not huge, but the food much like the general theme of the place is about style over substance. The Angus beef came with vinegar-soaked kale with almonds and a cheese sauce while the filet de boeuf was accompanied by green beans. Mindful that we only had the table for two hours, we finished our food faster than we would’ve liked, after which we took a minute to try and take in our quirky surroundings over a couple of macchiatos. Everyone was eccentrically or very well dressed, there were selfies being taken everywhere, and the aforementioned Shrgeley art catching our eye every time we moved our head- it was honestly like something out of a cartoon.

The only time our jaws weren’t hanging was when we made our order to our waiter, which was Yosuke – an exotic mix of Green Matcha meringues, coconut milk mousseline, and dragon fruit and the special of the day, which was a peach and vanilla sorbet (head over to our Instagram to find out more) and if we’re honest we finished this quicker than the mains because it was so good!

After paying the bill, we had a second round of drinks in The Glade, (where the bartender cheekily gave us a free shot as well!) before we were asked to leave as it was closing time. The cups that held our macchiato’s reveal the words ‘It’s OK’ after you’ve finished drinking. That is an understatement to describe our indelible experience at Sketch.

So, what did we think of Sketch? Well, let’s put it to you this way; the cups that held our macchiatos reveal the words ‘It’s OK’ after you’ve finished drinking. That is an understatement to describe our indelible experience at Sketch.



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