Masterpiece 2017 – The Captivating Cuisine

So we conclude our coverage of Masterpiece with a look at the last aspect we’ve yet to cover – The food!

Of course, we didn’t decide to leave Chelsea and head all the way to the heart of Mayfair for lunch. All the other food options – The Mount Street Deli, The Ivy, Le Caprice and Scotts, had their own pop-ups around the exhibit that we each painstakingly compared – They all looked so good!

The first restaurant we noticed was Scotts, which was placed right at the heart of the fair. The food and drinks were being meticulously prepared and served in the middle of the island bar, all the while customers were furrowing their brows trying to decide what to decide from their vast range of famed fish and crustacea dishes. When we looked at their menu, we saw they offered smoked salmon, potted shrimps, lobster mayonnaise, Dorset dressed crab and oysters. All of which could be washed down with carefully selected old and new world wines and Champagnes.


An example one of Burberry’s ‘capes’. 


Situated just behind Scotts was Le Caprice (and in between, a Burberry stand showing off the designers reimagined ‘capes’) and they really impressed with their grand display. Rather than an island bar, they converted their space into a restaurant, complete with a wonderful grand piano that was playing romantic classical music which floated over the conversations of all the diners. The music reflected a European theme that was also prevalent in the food, with crispy duck and watermelon salad with spicy cashew nuts, butternut squash risotto with grilled courgette and Gorgonzola, and herb roasted Western Ross salmon with asparagus and lemon mayonnaise which all looked, smelled and sounded tantalisingly tasty!

Our penultimate choice is a staple in the world of British Cuisine – The Ivy. A favourite of London for the last century, particularly among those involved in the theatre scene as well as celebrities, their menu contained an array of cocktails, Champagne and soft drinks which ran parallel with their signature dishes, such as the Argyle smoked salmon with rye bread and lemon Bang Bang Chicken, and The Ivy shrimp, crab &  avocado cocktail.

The Ivy is a celebrity hotspot.

Finally, we come to the last option and ultimately, the one we decided to go with – The Mount Street Deli. What really convinced us was the fact that their menu changed for each day of the event and on the day we went the menu looked too good to pass up. Everything was fresh and seasonal across their deli menu, which consisted of patisseries and cakes, salads, sandwiches, afternoon tea and the finest coffee.

If you haven’t seen the rest of our coverage from this year’s Masterpiece London, be sure to have a look at the stand-out jewellery and art pieces that wowed us.

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