Masterpiece 2017 – The art that drew us in.

If you caught our blog post from last Sunday where we covered the jewellery highlights from last weeks Masterpiece 2017, then you’ll know that our jaws were hanging for most of the event. This week, we’re looking at some from the art and antiquities world that really caught our eye.

The first artist who struck us was a contemporary one;, Hur Kyung-Ae is a Korean artist who went on to study in Paris and is represented by the Hungarian gallery Kálman Makláry Fine Arts. Her imposing pieces come from the unlikeliest of places – waste. She scrapes up all the excess dust & dried paint and then proceeds to stick them back onto the surface of the painting. These creations invoke memories of joyous times, particularly for Koreans on dates such as significant birthdays, weddings etc because they echo the rainbow rice cakes or mujigaeddeok (무지개떡) that are made to commemorate such occasions.

One of the booths that we were very keen to find belonged to the Long-Sharp Gallery, who’s home base is in New York, mainly because their walls were almost exclusively filled with Andy Warhol pieces, with ‘Key Service’ (Negative and Positive). Original works by Picasso also made up a big part of Masterpiece with several pieces, such as his £130,000 ‘La chute d’Icare’ and the ‘Nature Morte au Compotier’ found at the Bailly Gallery and Gladwell and Patterson respectively.


Picasso’s belongs to a series of still-life paintings with the above being created in June 1943, featuring a bowl of cherries and glasses arranged on a tabletop. 


We also decided to go on a little adventure and see else we could find outside of art and jewellery and we were pleasantly surprised. We found some wonderful photography, namely an original portrait of Winston Churchill taken by the legendary Yousuf Karsh. The now famous image is certainly enshrined into fame thanks to its theatrical use of lighting, a signature feature of Karsh’s work that helped him become arguably the most revered photographer of the 20th century. Whilst wandering, we came across an antique bookstore called Peter Harrington London who astonishingly had 1st edition copies of classics such Ulysses, The Great Gatsby and Casino Royale all of which fetched for around £225,000 each.

The iconic image of the former Prime Minister, captured in 1941 during the early years of World War II.

The only time our jaws weren’t hanging was when we had a lunch break at the Mount Street Deli to munch of their salads and sandwiches. Not the one in Mayfair of course – they had set up a mobile restaurant within the complex. Speaking of which, we’re going to be talking about that next week to complete our coverage of Masterbuilt 2017, be sure to check it out.

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