An Island in Central London?

This colourful collection of high-rise Manhattan-esque flats is amazingly spread across 12 acres and manages to squeeze itself into the crowded space of central London. In fact, it’s just 20 minutes from Bond Street.

So what exactly is this London City Island?


Once the site of a margarine factory, it has now been utterly transformed by Ireland-based property development company Ballymore, into an appealing property site for the young and wealthy. Prices start at around £500,000 for a one bedroom flat and steadily rise to just over £1m. Inside, the flats have a warehouse and loft aesthetic, giving them a strong urban, chic style. The views alongside the Thames are stunning and give a strong sense of seclusion, something almost unheard of in one of the world’s busiest cities.

The flats are already filled with bankers who work in the nearby Canary Wharf area, as well as animators, artists, and other creative fields. These flats are actually set to be filled by the English National Ballet and the London Film School, along with their production facilities and stage sets in 2018. All of the residents there are members of the City Island Arts Club which allow them unrestricted access to the island’s facilities. Namely the clubhouse, concierge, gymnasium, spa & treatment rooms, a screening room, pools, and gardens.

This ‘mini-Manhatten’  not only becoming a stylish suburb to live but once it’s fully finished, it will set to be a spectacle in its own right.




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