The Bar at The Gilbert Scott: Review

Last week, we gave a review of the 34 Resturant in Mayfair. Well this week, we’re going into the famous Gothic building of St Pancras International Station, where The Gilbert Scott resides. 

Amongst the midst of various people in suits walking at a pace on par with the land speed record, busking musicians playing songs we all know and love and softly-spoken train announcements sit the aptly titled ‘The Bar at The Gilbert Scott’ which we went to in order to subdue this sunny weather. If you’re looking for the short review, it can be succinctly summarised as a quiet oasis of tranquillity. If we were to judge it on looks alone, it could easily compete with its Mayfair and Kensington contemporaries. Named after the famous architect who designed the iconic international station, it’s headed by Marcus Wareing, a former protégé of Gordon Ramsey who’s charged with two Michelin Stars for this self-titled restaurant in Knightsbridge.


The 1873 – The Bars signature cocktail.

We heard that the bar is no stranger to evening entertainment so it came as no surprise when we were greeted by the sounds of a bossa nova guitar and a vocal duet that warmly (like we need any more warmth with this heat)  greeted us as we strolled in. The first thing that took us by surprise was how much detail the ceiling had, it seemed like more attention had been given to that then the lavish furniture, which is hard to imagine considering how the place looked.

We were handed cocktail menus, with the covers looking like finely crafted leather bound novellas and immediately raised our eyebrows at the selections on offer. It was quite eclectic. To run through a couple of the highlights, The 1873, named after the year the hotel was founded, was a delight. The concoction was made up of Bombay Sapphire gin, cranberry, apple, rhubarb which all came together to create an aesthetically pleasing, lucid red hue. The most flamboyant drink on the menu would hands down go to the Amber Embers a mix of smoked ‘Campfire’ tea infused scotch with apricot liqueur and sweet vermouth. 


gilbert scott ceiling
The intrinsically detailed ceiling of the bar, a real head turner credit:


All of the drinks struck us as an excellent accompaniment to our evening, with a vast array to choose from. The service was wonderful, with our bartender cheekily adding an extra shot to one of our drinks to help us ‘hydrated’. Overall, the place made a deep impression on us and we believed it to be a suitable place for some after work or pre-dinner drinks or even a place to unwind before you take the Eurostar to Paris.



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