Our Perfect Bond Picnic

Famous British chef Delia Smith cheekily described typical English picnics taking place on “the hot tarmac of the zoo car-park” or “on a patch of grass with four lanes of traffic on either side.” So, with Summer on the horizon, we thought there’s no better time to give you our three top tips on the perfect picnic, so you can sit on the lush grass in a park and enjoy this fantastic sunshine.

  1. Pick Your Location 

A picnic should be an event. It doesn’t matter how stuffed your picnic hamper may be. If it’s not being carried to a place that can keep you captivated you may as well picnic in the back garden. It could be somewhere that has nature trails for you to explore, ample amounts of trees to shield you from any light summer drizzles & to keep the children entertained.

2. The Perfect Picnic Food

In keeping with the theme of Great British Summertime, we’d recommend sticking to dishes that are better cold than they would be hot. So foods like quiche, scotch eggs, some nice ripe brie, even cheese scones would all go down a treat. We can’t talk about food at a picnic and not mention the classic – a cheddar cheese and Branston pickle sandwich. Change up the fillings a bit as well with some cherry tomato and bacon, smoked salmon and cream cheese or for veggies, the staple that is egg mayo.

3. What Drinks To Include

The perfect drink to wash down the taste of Britain is, of course, Pimms! The drink is a summer staple at almost all summertime events, ranging from Polo to Wimbledon. If you don’t fancy that you could consider white wine, but make sure to keep it cool en route or alternatively, Mâcon or Chianti would be sound options. But if you’re worried about staining your picnic blanket, then consider cider, ale or even a good lemonade mixed with good old-fashioned Robinsons cordial.

Featured Image © – bsnscb.com


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