A Day Out in Brighton

It’s June which means it’s the start of #BondSummer! And we’re kicking off our first #SunnySunday with the crème de la crème of activities in one of Englands most well known seaside getaways – Brighton.

So what better place to start than with Afternoon Tea? Tucked away in the charming lanes near the iconic pier is a 1930s Parisian style tea salon called Metro-Deco. Furnished with quirky art-deco and kitsch furniture, the first thing Metro-Deco offers you is a peruse through their vintage clothes so you can pick out a dress to wear whilst you’re there. They also cater for birthday parties, weddings, baby showers as well as discerning hen and bachelor dos. For all the dog lovers out there, you’ll be delighted to know that you can not only let your best friend happily munch away on some gourmet treats but also have a special dog party there! If you fancy being different, do try one of their signature tea cocktails evenings, where their in-house vintage stylist will work their magic to give you a look straight from the 1930’s. Finally, if you want to really a special night, learn how to tease and entice with gloves, boas and more with their sizzling burlesque performer, who has danced in front of Gucci, David Walliams, Colin Farrel and even taken to the stage at The Moulin Rouge in Paris. With all this on offer, Metro-Deco really does offer a storm in a teacup. 

tea cocktail.jpg
Metro-Deco’s cute Valentines Day Tea Cocktails. (Credit: Metrodeco.com)  

Not too far from the cosy lanes of the promenade is The Pavillion, the former royal residential palace and one of the key attractions that made Brighton synonymous with tourism. What was once a small villa owned by the Prince of Wales in the mid-1780’s expanded once he was made Prince Regent and commissioned several architects to turn the villa into an indulgent and exotic palace that would perfectly fit his excessive personality. When Queen Victoria came to the throne, she sold the palace to Brighton who, over the course of many years, put together several restoration programmes over the course of many years to make it what it is now. Today, The Pavillion is a licenced wedding venue that has seen many happy newlyweds and also a rich example of English history.


the pavillion
The revamped palace was designed by John Nash, who took styling cues from India

Far out from the city centre of Brighton is a boutique, 30-acre vineyard producing white and sparkling wines – Albourne Estate. Here you can take a thorough tour, from May through to October, at the process behind making their nationally-acclaimed wine, right from how the vineyard was grown through to managing the vines throughout the unpredictable British weather. From there, you’ll be shown into the Winery and Bottle Store to gain an insight into just how the handpicked grapes are turned into their wonderful wines using specialist equipment.  Lastly, you’ll be herded into a renovated old Sussex dairy to be treated to a wine tasting lesson, sampling three different wines from the vineyard.

A finished Albourne bottle (Credit:greatbritishwine.com)

Finally, our last recommendation. If you get a sweet craving whilst there, be sure to head into Choccywoccydoodah. The artistic chocolatier has been described as an ‘ark of chocolate dreams’ and from looking at their bespoke fantasies come to life,  it’s not hard to see why. As you walk in, you’re greeted with a festoon of their creations, ranging from mashmellow pyriads to massive chocolate stilettos. In fact, they can make any or chocolate for cake for any occasion, from corporate occasions to childrens birthdays, they can make the event special with their signature slice. If you feel like sinking into the unique splendour of the store whilst indulging in their quirky treats, be sure to head up to their Empire Room, which you can even use for Boudoir parties, or unwind in their Cafe.

An assortment of  Choccywoccydoodah’s amazing chocolates in their shop window (Credit: Pinterest.com)
Featured image credit: http://www.bjournal.co

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