Top 5 Boarding Schools in England

England is known for quite a handful of things: Cricket, tea, red telephone boxes and of course the royal family. Yet what it may not be as well known for is its education system. In fact, a recent BBC article actually rank some of the countries universities as the best in the world. So if you have ambitions to study in England we’ve compiled a list of some of the most illustrious boarding schools that sure to provide you with some of the best opportunities to prepare yourself for a bright future.

1. Charterhouse

With term fees costing around £11,415 and an alumni list containing the likes of politician Jeremy Hunt, singer George Michael, and even an ex-Prime Minister, Charterhouse is certainly one of the more exclusive schools on this list. This 400-year-old school in Surrey boasts a philosophy based on contribution. Students are encouraged to embrace all aspects of school life as opting out is not an option. For a school that has allegedly co- created football, sports are synonymous with Charterhouse with their football team yielding great successes. but for the more creatively inclined students, the arts and music facilities adopt a ‘bigger is better’ approach when it comes to project scope.

2. Harrow School

If you’re interested in going to an all-boys school it would be borderline blasphemous not to mention Harrow. Arguably some of the most famous and influential British men have come through the school, such as Winston Churchill and Lord Byron. It’s arguably Englands most famous school (other than Eton) and some of its architecture has been part of the Harry Potter set! £12,450 per term make this the most expensive school on our list, but it’s certainly going to set you up for a prosperous future.

3. Tonbridge School

Much like Charterhouse, Tonbridge places an emphasis on sports and thus has facilities of such high quality that the school was recognized as a training venue for the 2012 London Olympics. In fact, from their long alumni list, a majority of notably Old Tonbridgians are sportsmen, such as cricketer Sir Colin Cowdrey and athlete Walter Slade.

4. Wycombe Abbey School

If you’re female and decided that a co-educational school (that is, an institution that teaches both males and females) isn’t for you then you should definitely consider Wycombe Abbey. This independent girls school is consistently at the summit of the A-level league table. Since the 250-acre school is in Buckinghamshire, it’s less than 30 miles outside of London meaning there is easy access one of the best cities in the world. Speaking of the world, the school is even making an international presence by opening a co-educational school in Changzhou, China. The fiercely traditional school is sure to help you push open the doors of some of the most acclaimed universities in the world.

5. Benenden School

Another girls-only boarding school that is near London is Benenden School in Kent. With a remarkable 52 per cent of all Benenden’s GCSEs being graded at A* and 92 percent of all A-Level grades were A* to B in 2016, this school is another consistently high performer. With term fees standing at £11,485, Benenden is slightly less expensive than all of the others on our list but as the statistics show, is no reason for it not to be considered.

So there you have it! An eclectic yet slim list of some of the most distinguished educational institutions in England. Hopefully, we’ve given you some food thought as to where you might want to study and if you ever do, we’ll be happy to help you arrange whatever’s required.

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