The Chelsea Flower Show 2017: The exciting gardens we can expect

If you’ve been following us on social media then you should be aware that we’re fervently excited for this year’s Chelsea Flower Show, and why shouldn’t we be? It’s one of the most beautiful garden shows in the calendar year and it’s fair to say, sets the yardstick for all the other shows to aspire to. Not to mention the appearance of the Royal Family!

This year is set to feature some truly unique displays namely, The BBC Radio 2 Feel Good Gardens. Essentially, these are five gardens designed to demonstrate how plants enrich our five senses  – touch, taste, smell, sight and sound and are named after different Radio 2 presenters to commemorate the BBC Radio 2’s 50th anniversary. Each garden also features contributions from renowned specialists. The first is the Chris Evans Taste Garden. Designed by multi-RHS Chelsea Gold Medal Winner Jon Wheatley, the allotment-style garden brings together a collection of the tastiest plants that are sure to stimulate your palate.

The second garden is the Jo Whiley Scent Garden and was created by Tamara Bridge, the 2015 RHS Young Designer of the Year. This garden will feature distinct aromas such as rain on a warm paving, the smell of fresh earth and freshly cut flowers from the garden. It will have exclusive help from fragrance designer Jo Malone as not only will she be assisting with the scents but will also help with planting.

zoe ball music garden
The outlines of the Zoe Ball Listening Garden, indicating where the troughs of ‘dancing’ water will be situated.

Gardening personality Sarah Raven lends her expertise to the Anneka Rice Colour Cutting Garden. The purpose of this feature is to fill our entire field of view with colourful, almost kaleidoscopic flowers designed to treat our eyes. In relation to the aforementioned 50th anniversary of BBC Radio, this garden will heavily contain the colour gold as it is the colour of 50th Wedding Anniversaries. Our penultimate garden is the Jeremy Vine Texture Garden, designed by Matt Keightley. He is the same designer who created Prince Harry’s charity’s garden in 2015. The feeling of touch is felt through the various finishing materials and structures that encourage visitors to interact and relax in.

Our final garden is the Zoe Ball Listening Garden designed by garden guru James Alexander-Sinclair. The idea of this garden is to play 50 years of Radio 2 music beneath the ground so that the physical experiences of music are felt. For example, when the bass is played, the water will shimmer and ‘dance’ along.

Nigel Dunnett
Prof. Nigel Dunnett’s Greening Grey Britain Garden

Another major highlight is the highly anticipated display from Professor Nigel Dunnett The Greening Grey Britain Garden. It is designed to illustrate the challenges of climate change and the increasing lack of space in urban environments. Set in the context of a high-rise apartment block, the plants featured are specifically designed to soak up pollution and incorporate futuristic solutions, such as edible plants. The hope is that this concept will inspire the community to look to the future, and be open to the idea of creatively installing plants in their homes to combat the rising urban pollution levels. This unjudged feature will also be accompanied by something that is completely new to the Chelsea Flower Show; the first ever street art wall designed by acclaimed street artists Faunagraphic and Rocket01.

For all the bookworms out there, Fiona Cadwallader’s ‘The Poetry Lover’s Garden’ is an oasis of tranquillity to read and unwind in. The lime trees pay homage to Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poem, ‘This Lime-Tree Bower My Prison’, the inspiration behind this whole garden. In fact, this garden is blooming with references to the poem, such as the ivy-clad stone walls. The narrow steps are the only way in and out and thus provide a wonderful solitude for the visitor.

The Chelsea Flower Show really does show what artful creations can be made at the apex of Horticulture as these are just a handful of the arguably the most creative gardens in the world. We hope you’re just as excited for this year’s show as we are.

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