Britain’s best Easter eggs

It’s April, meaning it’s Easter equalling to… chocolate eggs!

One of the biggest holidays in the UK next to Christmas is Easter, the main tradition being to exchange eggs with friends and family symbolising new life in the Ring season.

To give you a sense of the literal scale of chocolate egg giving, here are some of England’s finest chocolate egg connoisseurs:




Brighton’s finest choccy, famous for their cakes and wacky chocolate concoctions, just look at the size of this  Behemoth chocolate caramel egg!


Spring chic doesn’t cover it! Betty’s beautiful eggs are being swept up left right and centre with the intricate hand-decorated detail, almost too good to eat right?

Melt, London

The real question here, is which ones are the real avocados? Melt’s dark chocolate egg had created havoc over avocado-obsessed Londoners. With the decision to make it with healthy ingredients, It’s certainly  a good egg!

Hotel Chocolat

For the real chocoholics out there, a chocolate egg with.. well more chocolate!

Are you up for this egg-cellent challenge?


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