Special secluded sanctuaries perfect for Spring

We were feeling inspired by our ‘Tree Houses in Hampshire’ post a few months back and since that spring is seemingly in full swing, we thought we’d take a look at some of the quirky places you can stay in the UK.

#1 House in the Clouds


                Photo credit: Quirkyplaces.com

This bizarre-looking residence is actually a converted water tower from the 1920’s based in Thorpeness, Suffolk. The water tower was redundant after mains water supply was introduced and the tank itself was removed shortly afterwards to create a living space. It sits in the sky at 70 feet high. and its five bedrooms, three bathrooms andopen-plan living area. can all be booked Feel free to drop off bags off above the trees and take in the views over the treetops.

#2 No Man’s Fort


Photo credit: Butlerandyoung.co.uk

What can only be described as a secluded pod off the coast of Portsmouth and the Isle of Wright, No Man’s Fort was once an army barracks where soldiers lived and gun-training regimes were carried out. Where the lookout posts were once filled with focused soldiers, it now looks after relaxed guests staying in one of the twenty-two luxury bedrooms who can indulge in one of the hot tubs on the roof, the spa or smashing golf balls into the sea (Don’t worry they’re biodegradable!)

#3 Barnsley House


Photo credit: kiwicollection.com

Within the Cotswolds, lives an abode that combines the perfect marriage of history and modern indulgence; Barnsley House.  This Manor seeps in beautiful lawns, meadows and a timeless wilderness which still draws crowds. Inside, the building is peppered with modern indulgences such as sophisticated furnishings, plasma TV’s, twin bathtubs and the spa garden which also is a source of year-round produce for the kitchens, meaning that there is always fresh and satisfying meals during a visit. 

#4 Cley Windmill


Photo credit: Cleywindmill.com

If you’ve ever wanted to spend a night in a windmill, now you can! Cley Windmill was built in the early nineteenth century and like the House in the Sky was converted into a living space made up of nine rooms. Three that are of particular note are the Wheat Chamber, Stone Room and Wheel Room. The Windmill iconic landmark in Norfolk and has been included on cards, tea towels, bicuit tins and even fudge packets.

These unconventional getaways should provide a memorable stay that should definitely break up the daily routine. If you’re interested in staying in any of these locations, Bond can compose your ideal stay contact us or follow us to find out more.


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