Linley London


Interiors, craftsmanship and nephew to the Queen, David Linley crafts bespoke furniture to the  up most highest quality.

Formally known as The Earl Of Snowdon, Linley first started crafting his works in a workshop in Dorking, 1985. That same year he opened his first store on the Kings Road, London. Now Linley is internationally known with stores in Belgravia, Harrods and bespoke collections available worldwide.

Snowdon is also passionate about passing down his craft to the younger generation, offering a summer school for selected students interested in woodwork and design.


Fitted cabinetry in a Battersea Townhouse Source:

Just look at the perfect balance between English Countryside kitchen with a twist of modern in this Battersea Town house.

Feel like royalty with Snowdon’s refined clean-cut interiors, geometric shapes and hand crafted  gifts. The signature marquetry inlay on wood shows off the intricate detail, making it one of the reasons why it’s such a fabulously British Brand and of course it wouldn’t be complete without personalised monogrammed gifts!

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 10.26.11



I wonder if her majesty herself has any bespoke Linley made furniture in any of her palaces…?






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