The Best of Britain: Fish and Chips

The most continental British dish there is (next to Chicken Tikka of course!) Fish and Chips is a firm favourite throughout the UK, but why?


Fish and chips became a stock meal among the working classes in the 17th century and then became the massive development of fish drawing in the North Sea.

In 1860 the first ever Fish and Chip shop in Tommyfield Market, England was opened. By 1910, the UK was taken by storm, having a staggering total of 25,000 stores dotted across the England.

White fish is normally used either haddock or cod then smothered in batter or breadcrumbs and deep-fried to create the perfect balance between the crunch of the batter and the  fish meat.

Our London Fish fix

Hook Camden


Taking the classic battered fish and packing it full of herbs and spices, making for a perfect twist off the old classic!


Photo credit:

Kerbisher and Malt 

Shepherds Bush

Highly credited by Heston Blumenthal and Esquire Magazine’s winner of the UK’s best contemporary Chippy, Kerbisher and Malt is right to take pride in being brilliantly British.

Photo credit: Ming Tang-Evans

 Mayfair Chippy


The winner of the National Fish And Chips Awards 2017, Mayfair’s best doesn’t just specialise in their fabulous fish, but also other quintessential British Dishes like Shepard’s Pie.


Photo credit:

Where’s your favorite place for your fish fix?



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