The History of Burberry

Today marks the fist day of London Fashion Week, so a fashion themed post is only right.

Check and trench coats? It has to be Burberry.

Being one of England’s finest luxe labels not just in clothing but beauty and accessories. Worn by the most elite celebrities like Kate Moss and Cara Delevinge, Burberry has not always lived up to their honoured title, in fact it was quite the opposite.


It all started over a decade ago back in the noughties; the trends of streaky highlights and over-plucked eyebrows were at their finest peak, whilst Burberry was stuck in an all time low.

More albatross than iconic, Burberry was tarnished with the name of ‘chav check’ being immediately recognisable as well as affordable, making it easy to make counterfeit and started to be favoured for football hooligans, wearing it from head to toe which for sure didn’t help the brand’s image. The final straw was when actress Daniela Westbrook went all out on the check, have you ever seen a brand so wrecked by one photograph?


It gets worse, because of the easy access and recognition, the checkered style was associated with the wrong people. Peter York, author of the Official Sloane Ranger Handbook: ‘It was associated with people who did bad stuff, who went wild on the terraces. Quite a lot of people thought that Burberry would be worn by the person who mugged them.’ This image soon spread across the UK, even taxi drivers refuse to drive anyone wearing the ‘tacky tartan’ in fear of trouble.

So how did Burberry rise from such a terrible dub?

Refusing to back down, the checked caps were discontinued and well… just check in general was toned down across designs. Christopher Bailey was promoted to Creative Director, certainly saving Burberry from sinking any lower and becoming a serious player in British Fashion. Collaborating with US CEO Angela Ahrendts they both pulled Burberry out of the wilderness focussing on the brands heritage, creating a more business savvy look across the board.


Many are still in awe of how Bailey did it, but its safe to say Burberry’s story is quite amazing don’t you think?

Burberry’s AW17 show is February 20th at 7:30 you can watch it live here


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