British Ski Wear

When on the slopes, you want premium quality clothing so it’s lightweight and warm. As well as this, you want to look stylish too, so you don’t look like you’re wearing ski attire five times bigger than you! Luckily we’re here to point you to some British ski-wear brands, so you look stylish on the slopes, just like Bridget (or not!)


Snow Finel


Made in Britain, Snow Finel offers tailored flattering ski-wear for men and women. Using merino wool, it’s safe to say you’ll will be warm and cozy minus the bulk! With their signature florescent mark it adds minimalistic colour, without standing out.






Looking for the perfect ski goggles? Check out Bloc, offering a variety of styles and colours- all UV protective of course. Protecting your eyes and looking stylish at the same time!


Sweaty Betty


Notorious for their yoga and gym-wear range, Sweaty Betty offers cool fashion-forward items in their ski range. From retro Aztec patterns to minimalistic prints, there’s something for everyone.




Offering brands like Perfect Moment, It’s safe to say that Selfridges have you covered when picking out the perfect ski jacket or salopettes, take your pick!



Are you planning to go skiing this season?


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