Ice Skating At Hampton Court

So the weeks build up to Christmas is absolutely gruelling, everyone knew this week was to come with Christmas being on a Sunday this year, I hope people can relate when I say this week is dragging like anything!

When we’re faced with such situations it’s best to distract yourself, so we decided Ice Skating would be a safe bet and so we ventured to Hampton Court Palace in Richmond- Upon-Thames, Greater London.img_6652

Hampton Court has a big place in British History, being one of King Henry VIII’s favoured Palaces, as well as St. James’ Palace they are the only two standing Palaces to this date that Henry VIII owned. Now open to the public, it’s safe to say they go all out at Christmas. From Carol singing to live performances, it’s buzzing with yuletide celebrations.

We made the decision to go in the evening and I must say it was a brilliant decision as the Palace was all lit up, absolutely stunning and made the whole experience all the more magical! I’d highly recommend an evening skate. Be sure to also visit their Dip- Dunk Lodge selling  winter warming food and beverages.


Want to find out more about ice skating venues in London? check out our Facebook post



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