Winter Wonderland

“A beautiful sight, We’re happy tonight Walking in a Winter Wonderland”

We took a visit to Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland and it’s safe to say we LOVED it, tying all the festive events together from ice skating to Christmas markets making it an all round winner. Celebrating their 10th birthday made it all the more magical!

We arrived around 3pm, the sun started setting, so we were lucky enough to walk around whilst watching the beautiful sun set!



The Bavarian Village had a big German theme to it. The live music and the vibe just screamed German beer festival and would be a perfect evening out to catch up with friends before the festive holidays. They’re is plenty of places to get refreshments and food (even a hog roast!) The mulled wine is AMAZING, a perfect winter warmer.


When I say there was everything there, I wasn’t lying! There was also an assortment of fair ground rides for children and some actual rollercoasters, for you thrill seekers out there you won’t be disappointed!


Need to finish (or start) Christmas shopping? The Angel market sells a massive variety of handcrafted quirky gifts that give more sentimental and personal value than your average gift. img_0952-1I feel we seriously anticipated how big this place was, also holding events like Nutcracker on ice, a ice bar and even a circus! You can also take a spin on the giant wheel to really appreciate the size of Hyde Park in all it’s glory.


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