The Top 5 British Xmas Traditions

You know what Brits are like- We’re one for traditions and Christmas just escalates it to a whole new level. So here it is the top 5 British traditions:

1) Any form of advent and much more

Jo Malone London Christmas Collection_Advent Calendar Open_zps8kuez2cu.jpg

As you would have seen, all the major stores like Liberty and Selfridge’s have released beauty product advent calendars but it doesn’t stop there; Candles, chocolate and even cheese advent calendars are available this festive season!


2) The annual department store visit


Whether it’s Harrods or Selfridge’s, it’s a big essential in British families to spend the day Christmas shopping in a department store, don’t forget to grab a cuppa afterwards!


3) To find the most trashy Christmas Jumper out there


Over the past years, it’s now become a competition between fellow brits who can find the most outrageous Christmas jumper, so much that the past few years there’s been a dedicated day in December to raise money for the chairity, Text Santa. There’s some absolute crackers the best ones even have lights and sing, how fabulously festive is that?


4) The Christmas Lights competition


Where as this may be quite a global thing, they do get a bit outrageous. I’ll divide this into three categories for you; there’s the subtle but festive houses, showing a few lights off not too fussed about standing out. The more outrageous but pushing the boundaries slightly, having lights all the way outside the house with luminous Santa’s waving at you, and finally the over-the-top ones, which look like Christmas has thrown up all over the front of the house; dazzling lights and inflatables, It looks AMAZING!


5) Anything with currents or raisins in


This can go from Mince pies to Christmas cake It’s safe to say we go wild on the raisins. I apologise to all you non-raisin lovers, it must be a rough time of year for you…


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