Our Fortum Faves

Many people know that this time of year, only one company are notoriously famous for their Christmas hampers, no other than Fortnum and Mason!

Being classy since 1707 the company responsible for the scotch egg (yes I’m serious)  as well as having won various awards in the past for their food. But what makes it so great? Well were going to give you the low down on Mason’s top 5 hampers! This ones for all the foodies out there…

1) Family Christmas Hamper

Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 14.22.41.pngBasically you can’t get anymore festive than this hamper, from champagne to Christmas pudding there’s everything for the Christmas table that every family member will love! Trust me you won’t regret demolishing this!

2) The English Essentials Hamper


Calling all tea lovers! (and Brits) it’s safe to say that this hamper is a winner! Tea and biscuits? Couldn’t think of anything better, oh yeah there’s jam and marmalade too…


3) The Boxing Day Hamper


Because stuffing your face on Christmas day wasn’t enough already. Full of chutney, cheese and meat, it’s certainly a typical boxing day menu!


4) The Christmas Greetings Basket

2061205_The_Christmas_Greetings_Basket_Desktop.jpgPlanning to impress the in laws? Or know that a friend/ family member would love a basket of food for Christmas? (I would) Then look no further than this bundle! It’s safe to say that this one is for the sweet tooth’s out there, you’re sure to get into their good books this season!


5) The Imperial Hamper


I mean you’d have to be a really committed foodie to buy this. It escalates from Salmon to honeycomb, basically setting you up for the whole festive period. Would you spend this shocking amount on food?  Well they say go hard or go home I guess!









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