That Heathrow airport advert

After weighing up our opinion of the M&S advert over on our Facebook page, we looked at a few more in the AD competition this year. The newest addition is the Heathrow Airport advert.screen-shot-2016-12-09-at-10-45-50

First of all I feel we all need to appreciate how CUTE it is, the bears really have a strong resemblance to Paddington bear, which explains why the whole of Britain went into full fan girl mode when Heathrow released it! I mean who can hate teddy bears right?


It gives off a whole lot of  love and warmth, very similar to the opening scene the old classic British Christmas film: Love Actually (would recommend) Of people meeting their loved ones at the arrival gate at Heathrow (always guaranteed tears-so much love!) The song is ‘I’m going back’ by 70’s  British pop duo Chas and Dave, gives off the warm vibes as well as keeping it very British orientated.


Santa hats off to Heathrow. you’ve done brilliant this year! Watch the video here if you haven’t seen it already.


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